I hope you have seen yourself in that large mirror in the west lobby at the church. We made it at the Women’s Ministry fall kickoff event. The ice cream was delicious! We took the evening before all of the fall small groups began to come together to sing, worship, and pray. The theme of the evening revolved around the attributes of God from Jen Wilkin’s books None Like Him and In His Image, the study that many of our women’s small groups are using right now. 

Loving, just, good, merciful, gracious, faithful, patient, truthful, and wise are common words we hear to describe God. In our prayer time, we asked to not just know “HIS IMAGE” but to know what His image looks like “IN” you or me. 

We chose to mark it down. To make an object that reminds us each week, that we prayed! We asked to see God in ourselves and in a new way. Looking at yourself in the mirror can come with a lot of complicated self-talk or it can be something you have to remind yourself to slow down and do. The mirror we made is both full and empty. It gives a lot of space for questioning how you see what you see in it. 

When we made the mirror, we chose a specific attribute from the list to pray about and wrote it on one mosaic tile. Then we placed that tile along with a blank tile onto one large mirror. The second tile is our prayer to not just know the term, “loving… just… good... etc” but to know it through a different term more specific to our lives. It represents our openness to God showing us a deeper, more personal term for that attribute. We asked for two things. One is a term we know and want to know more. One is a term we do not know yet.

All of our tiles are spread across a grand and extravagant mirror. It represents something of highest value, worth showing off, and reflecting something bigger than yourself. When you see it, remember it is your prayer. It is our prayer to know all the parts of ourselves, seen and unseen, IN HIS IMAGE.

Karen, Trinity Member