The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet. ~Frederick Buechner

Many assume that work was a part of the curse. We have bought into "living for the weekend," and along with the rest of our culture, we feel pretty ambivalent about Mondays. What if we told you that work is not only a gift, but it is one of the main ways we are called to reflect God in the world? God is a worker! Even in the first two chapters of the Bible, God is performing the work of many vocations: an executive, an artist, an architect, a zoologist, a biologist, a gardener, a manager, an electrician, an EMT, a surgeon, a chef, a physicist, a consultant, and a quality control specialist ("It was very good!"), to name a few. He delights in order and organization, and he shares power through delegation and mentoring. He parents Adam and Eve with discipline, boundaries, and compassion. And he rests! In all this, God affirms work as part of our innate design. 



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The christian at work

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