Deeper Booklet

Keep this booklet with you for the entire Deeper series. Within the booklet you’ll find the Deeper generosity initiative explained. You will also find a space for sermon notes for each Sunday morning of the Deeper series, as well as our six week devotional guide.

Union with Christ

We will be change things up in Sunday School during the Deeper Initiative. We will work our way through Rankin Wilbourne’s book, Union With Christ, one chapter a week.

We are doing this for two primary reasons. One being that we believe this book and the topic it covers can change your life. The doctrine of union with Christ is one central to the Bible and profound in its implications for how we live life as renewed people. Second, we want to intentionally challenge you to invest in your relationship with Jesus during the week. Many of us have good rhythms of spending time in God’s word and around good literature. Still, more of us would say this is an area we struggle in. We want to use this book and a pace of one chapter per week to motivate us all to engage in deeper ways throughout the week.