Information on 2019 Men’s Discipleship to come! In the mean time, check out the resources below from last year.

2018 MEN’S DISCIPLESHIP : Connecting Sunday to Monday: your vocation for god's mission

Click here for a PDF copy of the Men's Discipleship Workbook- Winter 2018


Week 2: Does My Work Matter?

“Faith and Work for the Rest of Us” by Charlie Self

“Work Matters: Connecting Sunday Worship to Monday Work” by Tom Nelson available on Youtube (20 minutes). 


Week 3: Cursed is the Ground: Alienation in Work

Listen to “Work and Rest” by Tim Keller

Visit the MSOE Grohmann Museum online and browse the gallery. (as of 1/16 this page is temporarily down due to website reconstruction) Given what we have learned about the created goodness of work and the curse of fallen work, what do you notice about the 12 selected paintings from the collection? What differences do you see? Which do you like most? How do you relate them to your work? 

Spend additional time considering the painting “Inside a Forge” by Cornelis Beelt. What stories can you imagine this painting tells? 


Week 4: Becoming like Christ at Work: the Workplace for Sanctification

"The New Liturgy No. 5: Here are My Hands." Consider listening to and purchasing recording for regular use in commuting. 

"Tim Keller on Preaching to Himself” This is a short summary on Keller’s personal daily prayer practice throughout his work days. 


Week 5: Making a Difference with your Work

 “How Whole Life Discipleship Changes Cities" Part 1

“How Whole Life Discipleship Changes Cities" Part 2

Go to and select either a general or industry specific resource to read, listen to, or watch. Be prepared to discuss what you learned. Resources are available for the following fields: Academia, Arts, Advertising/ Marketing, Architecture, Business, Design, Education, Entrepreneurship, Fashion, Finance, Food, Healthcare, Legal, Retail, Science.

Recommended videos include: “Why Business Matters to God”, “Humanizing Medicine”, “Grace, Justice, and Mercy: An Evening with Bryan Stevenson and Rev. Tim Keller”

Also recommended: “A Higher Power in Cranes” at This is an 18 minute video interview of men about their work in the construction industry.

 “The Church and the Moral Mandate of Economics” from the Acton Institute. Available on Youtube. 


Week 6: Work as Worship

Visit to read and consider “Where We Worship: A Collaborative Photo Exhibition.” 

Watch “Mark Dever: Work as Worship.”