The vision of Deeper is to increase our love for Christ & others. To this end, we need to pursue three strategies:

Deeper Leaders

Deeper Ministries

Deeper Spaces

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Deeper leaders

We find in Ephesians 4:11-12, that Jesus gives us “pastors and teachers to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ.” As a church we’ve been known since we began for our warmth and love. To help us grow Deeper with Christ and for others, we will call a Pastor of Adult Discipleship to our staff. We need an experienced pastor with strong relational gifts who can help us personally walk more closely with Christ and in fellowship with one another. This new leader will help develop deeper leaders among us for our ministry to one another and our community.

Worshipping Christ is fundamental to expressing and deepening our love for him. To strengthen our worship together we will transition to a full-time worship director. Matt Jones has given us much and served us well for three years.We are so thankful. With a full-time director, worship development, planning, and oversight can be done in a way that we currently cannot. Our new director will be able to develop musicians and worship teams to engage others in the use of their gifts. The potential is a richer, deeper worship experience for us all.

Jesus has blessed us with so many school aged children and it is important for us as a church to build on the foundation that is being laid for them in TrinKids. To do this we will continue to search for a Student Ministries Director or Pastor to help our middle and high school students grow Deeper with Christ and for others. This is not a new position but one that is important for us to fill as we look ahead.

Deeper ministries

TrinKids: Our hope is to root our children deeply in Christ. In order to make this ministry possible, we need deeper leaders to walk with and teach our children. We also need additional space to make this opportunity available for more children. 

TPP: Our preschool is a board directed ministry of our church that allows us to use our space all week to reach children of our church and community. For some, their first exposure to the gospel has come through TPP, and every new group that joins our church includes preschool families. Many of our teachers would also tell you that it is a deeply relational ministry among our staff.

Student Ministry: One of the biggest difference makers in the lives of students is the number of adults they know love and care for them. Now over 30 staff, parents, adult friends and college students invest in our middle and high school students in Sunday School, at the Shed, at our RYM beach conference, and during the week in Life Groups. Currently over 70 kids are in the orbit of the ministry with 150 more children on their way in TrinKids.

Adult Ministry: Many have called Trinity home because of the relationships they have made here. Some of us first came during a hard time in life and found comfort; others of us during a transition and discovered stability; and some came with serious questions and doubts and met safe people with whom they could explore what it meant to follow Jesus. We want to deepen our commitment to the warmth, depth, and breadth of our ministry to one another. For us to take the next step forward in this commitment, we need to call a Pastor of Adult Discipleship to help us move toward a more focused ministry to one another. This person will teach us and also lead us in relational connection with one another. 

First Floor

First Floor

Second Floor

Second Floor

Deeper Spaces

The green classrooms throughout the first floor of the diagram above provide safe and inviting space to meet our current and future needs for them as they go through TrinKids and TPP. 

Walk upstairs and you see the yellow space where they will move to several years from now in Student Ministry. A place where they can develop authentic community with one another as they work through the joys and challenges of growing up. This space will be expansive, with room for gathering, teaching, and games. 

Walk down the hall from Student Ministry and you will find our new offices where a full staff for TrinKids and Student ministry will prepare, pray, and plan to lead our children and students. These offices will also host our pastoral and support staff as well as provide space for us to take the next steps towards a counseling ministry.

Deeper Resource Allocation

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Deeper Leaders & Ministries

Our leaders and ministries are essential for us to grow deeper with Christ and deeper for others. The Lord has blessed us with great pastoral, staff, and volunteer leaders who serve us first by providing for our weekly worship of our loving God. Because of our leaders, our children are memorizing Scripture, learning to pray, and love their church through TrinKids. Because of our leaders, our middle and high school students find gospel community with one another in our Student Ministries. Our leaders and ministries help us follow Christ together in Sunday School, Community Groups, Bible Studies and Men’s Discipleship and Women’s Ministries. From Trinity we go to the world that needs God through our vocations and partnerships locally and globally. An important part of Deeper will be the transition to a full time worship director and the addition of a pastor to reach out to and disciple our adults.

Support Ministries

Without proper support, our leaders and ministries could not function as smoothly as they do. Our administration, operations, and facilities staff help steward our resources and work behind the scenes to promote ministry efficiency and excellence. 

Deeper Spaces

To grow deeper with Christ and for others we need more space for ministry. Every room is occupied on Sunday mornings. TrinKids is overfull. Our lease for Student Ministry and widely used office space runs out by 2022. There is no space for a counseling ministry. And there are 600 new homes projected to be built within walking distance of the church. Deeper spaces will expand TrinKids and TPP space, provide new Student Ministry space and permanent office and counseling ministry spaces. Our adult ministry will have ample space for Sunday School and Sunday morning Community Groups, Inquirers’ Classes, Leadership training, and more.