What is culture? What does the gospel have to say to the way our world works, to the systems and structures that inform how we think, what we eat, what we wear? What do art and technology have to do with a man who lived a thousand years ago? We believe that God created us with the ability and desire to make, to form, to cultivate and innovate, to reflect his own creativity in the world. Broken by sin, but being renewed by his Spirit, we believe that we are still entrusted with the responsibility to create culture and show God to the world through it.

And when we hear the word stewardship from a church pulpit, the emphasis usually lies solely on financial giving and tithing to the church. While this is a part of stewardship, as Christians we believe that God designed for us to care for and steward all of creation. With whatever resources we have at our disposal- money, time, choice, literacy, creativity, knowledge and access to information, land, water, homes- we are given the privilege to join God in his work in the world by allowing those things to be used for his Kingdom. Imagine what our world would be like if we viewed everything we have been given as something God could use to bring about transformation and renewal in the world!


Culture: Reflections & Redemption

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Stewardship: God's Resources in Our Hands for Cultural Transformation

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